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MODPROS elevator Inc. is founded by Michael Fray whose experience spans close to 30 years in the vertical transportation industry with two of the largest elevator companies in the world. With Otis, he climbed the ladder working in various departments such as finance, process improvement, and sales. At ThyssenKrupp, in his role as the modernization manager in Miami Florida, he sold and managed some of the largest and most complex modernization projects in the Florida market to successful completion. Michael Fray’s successful tenure at Otis and ThyssenKrupp were not only mutually beneficial but positioned him to be a leader in the industry today.

Fray’s strong beliefs and passion in best serving the customer led to the founding of MODPROS elevator inc. MODPROS is a Florida based corporation, utilizing highly trained IUEC union mechanics who embody our philosophy to provide a refreshing experience in servicing customers by offering comprehensive modernization, cab interior upgrades, targeted upgrades and repairs, and boutique elevator service.


Safety is inherent in all we do and is never compromised.


Comprehensive Modernization

for your peace of mind by providing solutions that will yield decades of useful life, decrease cost, increase safety, and surpass expectations.

Capital Planning Reports

helping you develop a plan to upgrade your equipment that yields continuing improvements throughout a multi-year plan customized to your needs.

Custom Cab Interior

designed to meet your image, design, or brand with renovation solutions to meet your requirements.

Targeted Upgrades

based on an audit of your needs and to extend the lifetime of your existing system.


to address safety, and add reliability, and performance.

Boutique Service Programs

tailored for your specific equipment and providing a customized and distinctive solution to your organizational needs.


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